Scoutin’ it Out

Year in Food

One of the great things about food is how it marks the milestones of our lives. There are those dishes that will trigger a sensory recall whenever we’re around them to that specific time in our lives, or are solely meant for that one time a year to be shared with loved ones. There are […]

Lady M

If you tell me there’s cake out there worth stealing and going to court over, I have to try it. Any nine-inch cake that goes for $90 is just asking to be put under scrutiny. But while there is plenty of hype surrounding the cake at Lady M, a worldwide patisserie chain with shops in […]

Peter Pan Donuts

In my home town in New Hampshire, the only doughnuts one can get (besides apple cider doughnuts during fall) are from Dunkin’. We often joke about the staggering number of Dunkin’s there are in that town alone (there are literally five. And many more in every neighboring town), and it is not uncommon to run […]

Chocolate Chip Cookie Medley

There is nothing like a chocolate chip cookie. A lot of us have had a lot of them throughout our lives. I certainly have. A homemade batch ready and waiting for you after school, the baggies made by other parents at bake sales, packaged up in the cookie aisle at the grocery store, the ones […]

Magnolia Bakery Revisited

This past October marked Scoutin’ it Out’s first birthday! One whole year of food thoughts and explorations! This blog has lead me to try some pretty bangin’ spots I wouldn’t have otherwise found, and other places that were not exactly all they were hyped up to be. As I thought about this past year of […]

Il Laboratorio Del Gelato

While it has finally dropped those few more degrees necessary to bring us into weather necessitating a scarf, hat, and gloves at times, my mind has been on an equally frigid dessert experience I had back in May when the temperature was going in the reverse direction. My parents were in town to move me […]