Scout (they/them) is a writer, voice and speech enthusiast, arts administrator, and most importantly: passionate foodie. While pursuing their BFA in Acting at Pace University, they found themselves less interested in the performance of theatre and more excited by their work producing with Stand Up Productions and time interning with organizations such as The Carson Kolker Org., Gibney, Barrington Stage Company, and New York Stage and Film’s Powerhouse Festival. Though they decided to abandon their pursuit of acting, through their studies they also found a passion for voice and speech coaching, helping actors and non-actors alike find a voice that is healthy and expressive of themselves. As they’re finishing up their senior year at Pace, they are looking to combine their love for giving artists what they need to produce their work however they can, and coaching those who wish to explore their voice and speech more deeply.

In addition to their theatrical pursuits, Scout has a love for food. Whether it’s cooking, baking, or eating, Scout is always interested in finding the best recipes, restaurants, and bakeries to get what makes life so sweet (and sometimes savory)! In 2018, they realized that they were studying in one of the greatest food cities in the world, and set out to to discover all the best sweet treats the city has to offer, and began documenting this journey along with other food-related thoughts on their blog, Scoutin’ it Out. Every Friday afternoon one can find a new post about the latest cake or ice cream joint they’ve tried, or thoughts about the food world at large.