About Scout

Hello Hello!

Where is the best place to get an impromptu slice of cake? How long will it take for me to perfect my dumpling folds so I don’t lose any filling to fry oil? Will I ever be able to make an acceptable pita? Is there anything better than a perfectly ripe mango?
These are some of the questions at the forefront of my mind.

I’m Scout Swonger (They/Them/Theirs) and food is my window in.

It’s the best way to get to know me, and the best way for me to get to know the world. A few years back, I decided to start this blog – Scoutin’ it Out – to showcase and debrief on my experiences at the various food spots around NYC where I was living at the time. New York is expensive (shocker)! I wanted sweet treats! And I was consistently finding that the places that seemed as though they should be a reliable sweet treat source and worth the city prices all too often left me disgruntled and mourning the loss of my precious little funds amidst a continued desire for an actually good brownie (yet to be found in NYC as of this typing). So, I turned my steadfast devotion to sharing quality culinary locals with others who cared into a regular posting of my experiences here on Scoutin’ it Out!

Over time (and after a pandemic made going out to eat not a thing for months on end), it has become a place where I share any thoughts, reflect on experiences, and highlight dishes that I’ve been exploring lately. I love trying something new and learning about the way food exists in the lives of others, and I am always excited to share as I continue to scout it all out! If you’re interested in what my hands are making and my brain is thinking about in the kitchen, subscribe to get the down-low on both in your inbox!