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  • Scoutin’ it Out Again!

    Scoutin’ it Out Again!

    The summer season is in full swing and, working in theatre, that means I am swinging right along with it. But while these past couple of months have had me grinding more than ever, they have also brought more opportunities for culinary exploration and experimentation and some actual Scoutin’ it Out to occur! Yes! While…

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  • Roasted Rutabaga All Around

    Roasted Rutabaga All Around

    Sometime, a cooking urge takes hold of me so strongly that all else becomes either an impediment or enabling action towards its completion and nothing more. I become hyper-fixated on perfecting the menu and reverse engineering my timeline, giving far more importance to the execution of this dreamt up kitchen endeavor than is warranted. It…

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  • A Sourdough Competition!

    A Sourdough Competition!

    If you are wondering where I have been, it should be no surprise that it’s been the kitchen. I have been caught in a cycle of power baking and cooking, telling myself I’ll chill for a bit, but being too curious about a new recipe, or feeling an itch to revisit a technique I haven’t…

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