About Scout

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I’m Scout Swonger (They/Them/Theirs) and I am a baker, cook, writer, driven by all things gastronomical.

From my time as an actor to patron services and front-of-house hospitality to community services, all of my pursuits have had a throughline: the desire to delight and infuse even the smallest moments in life with bursts of joy. Through journeying through these various vocations, the medium of food and cooking stayed constant. Whether I was fervently searching for the nearest kitchen and best excuse to cook multicourse meals for folks or sharing the latest bakery discoveries wherever I find myself with whoever will listen, I found that all else came second to my passion for finding and creating joy through three meals a day (and snacks and desserts and second breakfasts and any other gastronomic occurrence).

After leaving the theatre industry food has become the center of my pursuits. Whether I am providing folks with their weekly loaf, special occasion cake, event nosh, or helping in the kitchen of others and making someone else event vision come to life, I am serving gastronomic joy to the public with a personal touch. I am driven by the endless discovery possible and the capacity food has to connect us to community both socially and physically.



Interested in ordering some bakes? Send me a message via my contact page with what you would like, when, and whether you would like to pick up from me or have it delivered to you (within Berkshire County or 30 minutes outside of Pittsfield only)!

Looking to learn in the kitchen and would like to schedule a cooking session? Head over to the contact page so we can connect further about how I can help you expand your cooking and baking skills!

Need some help meal prepping and/or planning? Send me a note about what you’re looking for and I’d love to help ease any culinary burden in your life!

I also continue to write about my food thoughts and feelings on my blog, Scoutin’ it Out. If you would like to collaborate on a writing project or other media, drop me a line!