Scoutin’ it Out

Bread Tubes

About a year ago during a time of pandemic-influenced baking and baking interest, an article came about through which I learned about the delightfully unnecessary bread tube. These long aluminum tubes molded into fanciful shapes – mostly hearts, flowers, and stars – were used to bake yeasted and quick breads alike into sculpted loaves. They […]

King Arthur Classes – Baguettes

After the first day of classes flew by, I was left to savor my final five hours in the King Arthur classroom diving into Beauty and the Baguette. As with much of French gastronomy, there was a certain level of intimidation in approaching baguette making. Baguette making is nominated to be made an UNESCO intangible […]

King Arthur Classes – Sourdough

This week picks up where I left off in the last Scoutin’ it Out as I made the transition from a morning of flatbreads to an afternoon of sourdough! After a small lunchbreak navigating the long lines of the King Arthur café, I returned to class that afternoon ready to up my natural yeast game. […]

King Arthur Classes – Flatbreads

Last night I awoke at the ripe hour of 2:30am with all the energy of a Two-Coffees in Morning Scout, ready and rearin’ to go, and could not for the life of me get back to sleep. I did my best to calm my body and mind: list things from a category alphabetically, count up […]

A Kitchen of One

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Trust me, it has not been for lack of interesting gastronomical happenings (Frozen custard! A flour mill visit! King Arthur baking classes!). My never-intentional summer hiatus from food writing crept up on me as the sunny days begged to be enjoyed to their fullest by kayak, bike, and foot […]

Recipe Riffing

There was a time in the not-too-distant past where the thought of “eyeballing” a measurement or substituting an ingredient – let alone multiple off the cuff changes – would have had me giving a look of skeptical fear at such brazen culinary risk taking. Part of what has long been comforting about cooking for me […]

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