Scoutin’ it Out

Recipe Riffing

There was a time in the not-too-distant past where the thought of “eyeballing” a measurement or substituting an ingredient – let alone multiple off the cuff changes – would have had me giving a look of skeptical fear at such brazen culinary risk taking. Part of what has long been comforting about cooking for me […]

Spring has Sprung

The windows have flung open, shorts added as contenders in the wardrobe, and the first lobster rolls and ice cream cones have been had sitting at a sticky gray picnic table listening to motorcycles loudly glory in their inaugural drive of the season. I think it is safe to say that spring has sprung here […]

Quarent-eats 10: A Year’s Cooking

As news outlets would not let us forget, last week marked a year since many of us in the western world settled into this Pandemic Reality that continues to be a fact of our lives. A year ago, I came home for what would become the longest spring break ever and returned once again to […]

7-Eleven (and Convenience Store Nostalgia)

Let me set the scene: It’s a pre-pandemic Friday night and you’re waiting to meet up with your friends to go out for the night. There’s that end-of-the-week freedom in the air, egging you on to treat yourself and celebrate getting through the slog of another five days of interning/rehearsals/classes/projects. But you’re in that vacuum […]

Pure Produce

When cooped up inside with braises and stews simmering away and time to spare, it is easy to lean into an appreciation of complex flavor combinations and involved technical practices. To be sure, I enjoy doing the math to figure out how my sourdough discard will affect the measuring of other ingredients in a recipe […]

What’s a Sandwich?

There are many things in which my fixation showcases my proclivity towards pedantry. As a linguistic enthusiast, I get a lot of pleasure learning interesting but useless, and easily forgettable etymology (did you know that the ladybug is named after the Virgin Mary because of the seven spots on a specific variety found in Italy […]

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