Scoutin’ it Out

Republic of Pie

I’ve never really been the type to hang in a coffee shop. I make my coffee at home and do my writing and work in a library or outside. That, and I always have a hard time connecting to coffee shop Wi-Fi. But some coffee shops are more than their Yelp descriptor implies. Some bring a […]

In-N-Out vs. Shake Shack

Few rivalries are as polarizing as that of the In-N-Outvs. Shake Shackdebate. The two chains have made loyal customers of their respective coasts, spurring videos, articles, and many an argument between friends. Which burger is better? Who has the better fries? Which one has the most bang for the buck? And with at least one […]

Porto’s Bakery & Cafe

WhileI am returning from a few weeks’ absence from Scoutin’ it Out, it is for very good reason. For the past three weeks I’ve been out in LA learning not only about what the performance industry has to offer and how bad LA drivers are, but also catching what I could of the LA food […]

Year in Food

One of the great things about food is how it marks the milestones of our lives. There are those dishes that will trigger a sensory recall whenever we’re around them to that specific time in our lives, or are solely meant for that one time a year to be shared with loved ones. There are […]

Lady M

If you tell me there’s cake out there worth stealing and going to court over, I have to try it. Any nine-inch cake that goes for $90 is just asking to be put under scrutiny. But while there is plenty of hype surrounding the cake at Lady M, a worldwide patisserie chain with shops in […]

Peter Pan Donuts

In my home town in New Hampshire, the only doughnuts one can get (besides apple cider doughnuts during fall) are from Dunkin’. We often joke about the staggering number of Dunkin’s there are in that town alone (there are literally five. And many more in every neighboring town), and it is not uncommon to run […]