Scoutin’ it Out

Quarant-Eats 1

Our food landscape is looking rather different now. A casual trip to the grocery store or a bop by your local bakery isn’t so much an option. And while NYC-ers can still give patronage to what restaurants and cafés remain open, back here in NH the options are even fewer. So any food exploration is […]

Peacefood Cafe

Little did I know a couple of weekends ago that my chances to scout out the bakeries of New York were soon to be cut short. As a result, my brain is often wandering to thoughts of some of my favorite spots, hoping they are able to weather the storm and remain running (when we […]

Cherry Macaroon Pie

My first full day back home for spring break / social distancing happened to fall on a day math teachers across the land never fail to celebrate with gusto. The one day a year that they are able to get kids excited to go to math class with the excitement of sugar and competitive memorization. […]

By Chloe

Ask a vegan for a food recommendation in the city and By Chloe is sure to come up at some point. The all-vegan and gluten friendly menu is supposed to serve as a suitable fast-food alternative for those who cannot indulge in an everyday burger or any ol’ cupcake. Its branding desperately attempts to appeal to […]

Brunch at Balthazar

You may remember the first in a line of disappointing brownies I had about a year back at Balthazar’s Bakery (if not, see here). Since then I have walked by Balthazar many a time and looked through the tall windows to watch a floor full of bustling waiters attend tables of glowing customers, while I […]


When one thinks of a bakery, one will likely conjure images of buttery croissants and stacks of cookies behind a glass. Apron-wearing servers behind a counter perhaps working a coffee machine. Maybe even some savory pastries. And let’s not forget the paper and office supplies. No? You don’t tend to get your thank you cards […]