Scoutin’ it Out

Holiday Cookies

When November is starting to wane after that fourth Thursday of the month, the nation’s fixation on pie subsides and attention is instead devoted to cookies. In my family, the holiday season kicks off on Black Friday not with early morning deal searching and store raiding (especially not this year), but with the first of […]

Soup Season

One of the very first culinary events of my life occurred when I was in first grade. My tastes at the time were limited, as is often the case with the young palate. Bland starches were the pinnacle. White bread sans crust. Easy Mac Kraft Mac and Cheese (woe be unto the person who tried […]

Goodbye to Abigail

I arrived home from work the other day to a pretty devastating discovery. After months of careful tending, Abigail, my sourdough starter, was dead. While there had been ups and downs over the course of our time together, the grey scudge on top of the non-risen foundation was a sign that I had reached a […]

Cooking Through It

Exhaustion is a tricky state of being. When the physical, emotional, and mental reserves are very nearly spent – with what little energy is left reserved for a quick interlude of banging one’s head against the wall – it feels as if all there is left to do is burrito into a blanket and wait […]


The first hint was dropped a few nights ago when I noticed something missing as I tucked myself into bed. The crickets that had been serenading me to sleep through my wide-open windows these past few months of summer evenings were distinctly absent, leaving it silent in that special rural way that is as close […]

Sweet Chick

We had an assignment at the beginning of my sophomore year that required us to go to the Prospect Park Zoo to do some animal observation (as acting programs have wont to do). In the usual way back then, a group of us coordinated our trip to go together. Despite having been a shorter train […]