Scoutin’ it Out

Quarant-Eats 9: Graduation

There’s a wall in Pace University with a collage of images from what looks like the 90s/early 2000s of students in graduation regalia and Radio City Music Hall. For four years I walked by that wall, constantly reminded of the celebration that would come with the successful completion of my undergraduate education. This past year […]

Quarant-Eats 8: Beans

Yes, I know, ever since the beginning of all this, beans have been headlining bi-monthly grocery lists, newsletter recipe rec’s, and article after article. Beans, along with rice, are the shelf-stable, nutrition-packed apocalypse good that everyone has been stocking up on. But while some people’s love affair with beans may be forcibly quarantine-induced, my own […]

Quarant-Eats 7

Spring into summer is a time filled with special occasions in my family. Along with the national celebrations of Mother and Father’s Day and any graduation that may occur that year (I’m looking at you, May 20th), we have three birthdays in the immediate family alone in May and June. When May begins its fast […]

Quarant-Eats 6: The Big Lasagna

A lot of us have been cooking and baking up a storm during this physically distanced time, channeling existential anxiety into tangible steps and processes into which we can knead out our energy and feel gratified at creating something out of nothing when the inverse action has swept through to alter our lives. For me, […]

Quarant-Eats 5

There are certainly the instances throughout this quarantine where the foods that make me feel the best are the carb-loaded, sugar-spiked, nostalgia inducing ones, some of which I’ve covered the last couple of weeks. But a lesson I have learned over the past couple of years has been just as important now as ever: What […]

Quarant-Eats 4

With Passover and Easter happening not long ago and Ramadan having just begun, we are in a time of major religious celebrations, each with their own particular food-related connections. There are a lot of traditions that may have had to be adjusted or made anew this year in that respect. Maybe you aren’t able to […]